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Fluke - Atom Bomb

12-Up: The Final Chapter.

Artist: Fluke
Title: Atom Bomb

Dr.Moo's Ramblings
Let me start off by saying, yes I know that this isn't a remix of music from a game but a track that was used in a game BUT the reasons I listed this one as the final part are thus: This was the first track for 2 whole years that had anything to do with games that actually made the UK charts, and that the covers for the 2CDs featured art by the Designers Republic that was related directly to the game the track was used in 'Wipeout 2097' which in a way make these an essential item to have in your collection if you have the Wipeout games in it.

Released: 1996/11/16
Label: Circa Records, Virgin Records
Part Code: YRCD125 / YRCDX125 / YRT 125
EAN: 7 24389 39192 3 (CD1)
Chart: 20
Weeks: 3
Style: Big Beat

Atom Bomb (Atomix 1) (CD1 & 12")
Atom Bomb (Atomix 1 Edit) (CD2)
Atom Bomb (Atomix 2) (CD2 & 12")
Atom Bomb (Atomix 3) (CD2 & 12")
Atom Bomb (Atomix 3 Edit) (CD1)
Atom Bomb (Atomix 4) (CD2)
Atom Bomb (Atomix 5) (CD1 & 12")
Atom Bomb (Atomix 6) (CD1)

The track was also used on the film soundtracks for 'The Saint' (1997) & 'Behind Enemy Lines' (2001)

Preformed by: Adrian Bushby, Jim Abiss, Margo Buchanan & Steve Dubb
Designed by: miTDR:TM
Illustration by: DJ Aldred

Current Music: Fluke - Atom Bomb (from 'Wipeout 2097 Original Sound Track' [1996])
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Dr. Moo signing off.

Hey! We're Going to Italia!

No post for today as We're off to Italy for roughly 2 weeks to send time with Whip before he has to start working in the summer.


Right Said Fred - Wonderman

11-Up: A Spin and a Miss!

Artist: Right Said Fred
Title: Wonderman

Dr.Moo's Ramblings

Released: 1994/03/19
Label: Tug Records
Part Code: CD SNOG 9 / CA SNOG 9 / 12 SNOG 9
EAN: 5 018524 063789 > (Cass)
Chart: 55
Weeks: 1
Style: Euro House

Wonderman (7" Version) (CD, Cass, 7" & 12")
Wonderman (Instrumental) (Cass)
Wonderman (12" Edit) (CD, 7" & 12")
Wonderman (Acapella) (CD, 7" & 12")
Wonderman (12" Backing Track Un-Edited) (CD, 7" & 12")
Wonderman (7" Alternative Lead Vocal) (CD, 7" & 12")

The '7" Alternative Lead Vocal' is the version of the track that actually appeared in the Sonic 3 Advertisement and it has slightly altered lyrics that makes refferances to Sonic The Hedgehog
The Original version of the track appears on Right Said Freds second album 'Sex & Travel'
This is the second UK chart single that involves Sonic The Hedgehog.

Written by: Richard Fairbrass, Fred Fairbrass, Rob Manzoli
Backing Vocal: Dawn Knight
Published by: Hit & Run Music
Produced by: The Beatmasters
Mixed by: The Beatmasters
Engineered by: James Reynolds
Management: Tamzin Aronowitz (Raw Power Management), Paddy Sparks (Hit & Run)

Current Music: Inspiral Carpets - I Want You (from 'Devil Hopping' [1994])
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Current TV: Frisky Dingo - Season 1
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Dr. Moo signing off.

Athlete Kings (Sega Saturn)

Title: Athlete Kings
System: Sega Saturn

Dr.Moo's Ramblings

Publisher: Sega Enterprises
Developer: AM3
Distributor: Sega Enterprises
Part Code: MK-81115-50
Released: 1996/09
AKA: Decathlete (Original/Arcade Title), デカスリート (Japan Title)
Official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) rated this game a 91 (out of 100) in Issue 11/1996
Genre: Sport - Track & Field
Format: PAL
Age Rating: 3+
Size: 1 CD
Controller: Standard Saturn Controller
EAN: 4 974365 811150 >
Players: 1 - 2
Save: Record Times
Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Box Text:
(English) Join eight international Olympic athetes as they compete in 10 decathlon disciplines. You never thought running, jumping and throwing could be such fun - in a brilliantly quirky AM3 conversion that brings steel-hard competition to the home.
(French) Rejoignez 8 athlétes internationaux pour pariciper aux 10 épreuves du decathlon ! Vous n'aviez jamais pensé que courir, sauter ou lancer le disque ou le javelot pouvait être si divertissant. Une conversion brillante et originale de la célèbre équipe de développement AM3.
(German) Nehmen Sie am wettkampf von 8 Welklasseathleten in den abwechslungsreichen Diziplinen des Zehnkampfs teil. Laufen, springen und werfen Sie um den Titel und genießen Sie die tolle Atmosphäre  dieser Umsetzung von AM3. Lassen Sie sich von der Wettkampfspannung Packen!
(Spanish) Participa con 8 atletas internacionales en las 10 disciplinas del decatlón. Nunca habias pensado que correr, salter y lanzar podrian ser tan divertidos, todo en una excelente y peculiar conversión del equipo AM3. iLa competición más dura ilega a tu casa!
(Italian) Partecipa con 8 atleti internazionali che competono in tutte le 10 specialità del decathlon. Non avresti mai potuto immaginare che correre, saltare e lanciare potesse essere cosi divertente, in una conversione AM3 splendidamente originale che ti porta in casa il durissimo livello della gara di decathlon.
(Dutch) Neem samen met acht internationale stleten deel aan alle tien onderdelen van de decathlon. Je zou nooit verwachten dat hardlopen, springen en werpen zo leuk kon zijn - in een schitterende en fantastische AM3 conversie die keiharde competitie bijje thuis brengt.

Current Music: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime (from 'Homebase' [1991])
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Dr. Moo signing off.

A Temporary Fairwell

No Entry for today as We're seeing Whip off to the airport today, he'll be away from the UK for the summer working in Italy and will be greatly missed.


Doctor Spin - Tetris

10-Up Back at the top:

Artist: Doctor Spin
Title: Tetris

Dr.Moo's Ramblings

Released: 1992/10/03
Label: The Really Useful Group, Polydor
Part Code: CRPCD 4 / CRPCS 4 / CRPTX 4 / CRPT 4
EAN: 0 42286 55372 6
Chart: 6
Weeks: 8
Style: Euro House

Tetris (7" Mix) (CD, Cass, 7" & 12")
Tetris (12" Mix) (CD & 12")
Tetris (Hardcore Mix) (CD & 12")
Play Game Boy (CD, Cass, 7" & 12")

The Tetris Theme is Based on 'Korobushka'
Track bears a remarkable resemblance to 2 Unlimited's 'Get Ready For This'

Traditional arrangement by: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Nigel Wright.
Produced by: Nigel Wright.
Executive Producer: Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Engineered by: Robin Sellars.

Current Music: Doctor Spin Spin - Tetris (7" Mix) (from 'Tetris [Single]' 1992 )
Current Game: Warcraft III (2002)
Current TV: Time Team
Current Movie: Airplane 2: The Sequal
Current Drink: Dr. Pepper
Current Food: Malteasers

Dr. Moo signing off.
Title: Arcades Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1
System: Sega Saturn

Dr.Moo's Ramblings

Publisher: GT Interactive
Developer: Midway / Digital Eclipse
Distributor: GT Interactive
Part Code: T-25413H-50
Released: 1997

Genre: Compilation
Format: Pal
Age Rating: 11+
Size: N/A
Controller: Standard Saturn Controller
EAN: 5 029988 002467
Players: 1 - 2
Save: N/A
Language: English, French, German
Box Text:
(English) Six of the most incredible all-time classic video games in one collection. Atari's Arcade Greatest Hits include the most memorable games to ever appear at your arcade with the best ever space shhot-em-up in Asteroids, classic wall-breaking gameplay in Super Breakout, speed and reaction in Centipede, the constant breathlessness when playing Tempest, all humanity at risk in Missile Command and the most amazing first-person action of the original and the greatest, Battlezone. Arcade perfect, coin saving, video entertainment at it's purest and best, just as you remember!
(French) Six des plus incroyables et mémorables jeux vidéo réunis dansune collection unique. Atari's Arcades Greatest Hits propose les meilleurs jeux d'arcade qui aient vus le jour: le shoot' em up spatial Asteroids, le grand classique Super Breakout, la vitesse et l'action avec Centipede, le soufflant Tempest, l'angoissant Missile Commandet le premier jeu en vue subjective: Battlezone. Eprouvez à nouveau la jouabilité parfaite, les graphismes épurés et l'action intense de ces grands classiques.
(German) Sechs der unglaublichsten klassischen Videospiele aller Zeiten in einer einzigen Packung! Atari's Arcade Greatest Hitsenthält die unvergeßlichen Spielhallenhits - das Weltraum-Shoot-em-up "Asteroids"; klassisches Mauerzertrümmern bei "Super Breakout" rasantes Tempo und Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit bei "Centipede", permanente Atemlosigkeit bei "Tempest", die Rettung der ganzen Menschheit bei "Missile Command" und die erstaunliche First-Person-Action, "Battlezone". Reinster Spielhallen-Kult, bloß ohne Münzen - Videospiel-Unterhaltung genau so, wie Sie es in Erinnerung haben!


Current Music: Mr. Scruff - Champion Nibble (from 'Trouser Jazz' 2002 )
Current Game: Sid Myer's Pirates (Xbox)
Current TV: Crime Scene Australia
Current Movie: Idiocracy (2006)
Current Drink: Dr. Pepper
Current Food: Pork & Roast Potatoes

Dr. Moo signing off.
9-Up: One from the Advert Vault

Artist: High Score Warrior
Title: Will You Ever Reach The End?

Dr.Moo's Ramblings

Released: 1993
Label: Rapid 9547, The Total Record Company
Part Code: CD Rapid 1 / CA Rapid 1 / 12 RAPID 1 / RAPID 1
EAN: 5 018524 049981 > (Cass)
Chart: N/A
Weeks: N/A
Style: Breakbeat

Will You Ever Reach The End? (Radio Edit) (CD, Cass, 7" & 12")
Will You Ever Reach The End? (Mix Mix) (CD, Cass & 7")
Will You Ever Reach The End? (Coliseum Mix) (CD & 12")
Will You Ever Reach The End? (Coliseum Mix Mix) (CD)

The cover states "As seen on the advert" when it should really be 'As heard'

Written by: Rob Adams
Produced by: Steve Benham
Enginered & Mixed by: Roger Benou

Current Music: High Score Warrior - Will You Ever Reach The End? (Radio Edit) (from 'Will You Ever Reach The End? [Single]' [1993])
Current Game: None
Current TV: Deadliest Catch
Current Movie: None
Current Drink: Mineral Water
Current Food: Malteasers

Dr. Moo signing off.

Area 51 (Saturn)

Title: Area 51
System: Sega Saturn

Dr.Moo's Ramblings

Publisher: Midway
Developer: Mesa Logic / Atari
Distributor: GT Interactive
Part Code: T-25408H-50
Released: 1997/03
AKA: エリア51 (Japan Title)
Official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) rated this game a 72 (out of 100) in Issue 18/1997
Genre: Shooter
Format: PAL
Age Rating: 12+
Size: 1 CD
Controller: Standard Saturn Controller
EAN: 5 029988 001095
Players: 1 - 2
Language: English, French, German
Box Text:
(English) Area 51 has been completely overrun by alien forces. Your mission: Penetrate the base, destroy all hostile forces and save the future of humanity! Featuring incredible cinematic effects, engaging sci-fi storyline, secret alien experiment cover-ups, stunning power-ups and the most awesome weaponry to keep you armed and dangerous!!
(French) La zone 51 a été envahie par des forces aliennes! Votre mission: pénétrer dans la base, détruirw les forces hostiles et saúver l'avenir de l'humanité! Vous allez découvrir d'incroyables effets spéciaux, une ambiance SF prenante, les résultats d'expériences aliennes terrifiantes, ainsi que des bonus surpuissants et de l'armement lourd pour vous permettre de survive.
(German) Area 51 wurde von einer bewaffneten anßerirdichen Macht eingenommen. Ihr Auftrag: Dringen Sie in den St Stütapunkt ein, vernichten Sie die Gegner, und retten Sie die Menschheit! Hier erwartet Sie ein Spiel mit unglaublichen Video effekten, einer packenden Science Fiction-Story, geheimen Experimenten, faszinierenden Power-Ups und einer beeindruckenden Waffenauswahl, die Sie zu einem gefährlichen Gegner mit gewaltiger Durchschlagskraft macht.

Current Music: Outlander - The Vamp (Revamped) (from 'The Vamp (Revamped) [Single]' [1998] )
Current Game: Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Current TV: Mythbusters - Fish In A Barrel
Current Movie: None
Current Drink: Coffee
Current Food: Pasta and cheese sauce

Dr. Moo signing off.
8Up - Not so Mega

Artist: Duberry featuring Elaine Vassel
Title: Mega-Lo-Mania

Released: 1993/03
Label: Polygram, Crysalis
Part Code: MGLMD 1 / MGLMX 1
EAN: 0 42286 21452 8
Chart: N/A
Weeks: N/A
Style: House

Mega-Lo-Mania (Goin' All The Way)(Minidrive Mix) (CD & 12")
Mega-Lo-Mania (Goin' All The Way)(Extended K.O. Mix) (CD & 12")
Mega-Lo-Mania (Goin' All The Way)(Medusa Mix) (CD & 12")
Mega-Lo-Mania (Goin' All The Way)(Megadrive Mix) (CD)
Mega-Lo-Mania (Goin' All The Way)(All Night Mix) (12")

The single was released as promotion for the game of the same name that was released 1993/04/05 and includes an advert for it on the inlay.
Also on Cassette but I was unable to track down it's track listing.

Preformed by: Duberry, Elaine Vassel
Mix & Additional Production: Doc Livinstone & Dave Lee (Joey Negro)
Special Thanks To: Hroll Industries
Design by: Peacock Marketing & Design

Current Music: Duberry featuring Elaine Vassel - Mega-Lo-Mania (Goin' All The Way) (Minidrive Mix) (from 'Mega-Lo-Mania [Single]' 1993)
Current Game: None
Current TV: None
Current Movie: None
Current Drink: Assam Tea
Current Food: Sweet & Sour

Dr. Moo signing off.



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